04 diciembre 2015

Updating Genomic Data of Lepidoptera

Publicado por Nitxin viernes, diciembre 04, 2015

Les compartimos que acabamos de publicar en el libro "Short Views on Insect Genomics and Proteomics", editado por Chandrasekar R, Goldsmith MR y Tolulope A.A, el capítulo "Updating Genomic Data of Lepidoptera".

He aquí el resumen

Abstract Among the insects, lepidopterans form the second most diverse group, with over 155,000 described species. Research on Lepidoptera has a long tradition in several fi elds, including taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, population genetics, evolutionary biology, speciation, physiology, development and gene regulation, host–plant and insect–parasite interactions, and, in recent decades, genomics. These studies and genomic resources for them are widely distributed and often widespread in various databases. In this chapter, we analyze the state of the art for genomic resources for Lepidoptera in GenBank for the following genes: elongation factor-1α , wingless , cytochrome c oxidase I , ribosomal DNA and RNA , and in general a number of other protein and enzyme entries; complete mitochondrial genomes; complete nuclear genomes; and published work on barcode methodology. This information will help researchers fi nd gaps in the available resources and direct research efforts in these areas.

Pozo, C., Prado, B., & Castañeda-Sortibrán, A. N. (2015). Updating Genomic Data of Lepidoptera. In Short Views on Insect Genomics and Proteomics (pp. 41-73). Springer International Publishing.
Print ISBN 978-3-319-24233-0. Online ISBN 978-3-319-24235-4. Series ISSN 2405-853X
Doi 10.1007/978-3-319-24235-4_3

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